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The incalculable mobility of Internet resources is one of the major inconveniences while working with online published documents on the WWW: Millions of documents are accessible through the “Uniform Resource Locator” (URL).
“Error 404” messages are pre-programmed, because a URL is not a persistent identifier of an Internet source, it just refers to the place, where the object is stored. When the object is removed or even deleted “broken links” appear.

Factline Ltd. developed a system called “True Online Publishing” (TOP) which guarantees everlasting storage and availability of documents published within a „factline community server“ (FCS). Factline’s long-term strategy is to make a commercial system out of TOP.

In order to achieve this aim, a closer look was taken at existing concepts (URN, DOI, PURL) working with persistent and unique identifier. Furthermore one possible target group for the TOP-system was defined and taken as a basis for the development of an “implementation modell”.
This modell deals with the most important barriers when transforming the existing concept into a commercial model. Specific problems like copyright issues, archival storage of documents, authentication and integrity, permissioning and others are described and discussed.

The outcome of this thesis is a concept on how the TOP-system could be implemented for a certain target group.

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